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Welcome to the telex, your digital doorway into the fediverse, a network of decentralized social posting platforms. This is a quickguide to make the most of your time here in the content mines. While you’re plugged in, remember: Defend your info and yourself. Post vigilantly and diligently. View and follow discerningly. Make some fun or ELSE. This is not some kind of loser space, have some fuckin respect for yourself and your friends.



There are 5 types of post (toot-styles) you can make. You can select between them whenever you compose a post, including when you post responses.



There are 4 main timelines and 2 additional timelines. All of them can be viewed under Timelines in the hamburger menu. The main 4 are represented by icons on your mainpage.

Additional timelines



There are 5 main response types to a post in one of your timelines. Each of these notifies OP that someone has responded to them. They are represented by buttons underneath each post. There are also 5 additional ways to respond that do not result in notifications. These are all hidden in […] under each post.

Main response types

Additional post responses



This section is for nerds. Only read if you want to know more about how all this works on the back-end.

The telex is an “instance” of a social posting platform called Akkoma that lives on the disinfo.zone server under the control of server-admin Disinfoniac #1. Akkoma is a forked version of another platform called Pleroma, which both support a protocol known as ActivityPub. This protocol allows them to network with one another, in addition to other similar posting platforms including Mastodon and Misskey, as well as more diverse platforms such as Pixelfed (photo sharing), PeerTube (video sharing) and Hubzilla (website networking).

D1 is currently researching connecting some of these other platforms on our server, as well as in-telex bots or mods. If you come across cool ideas from other instances or encounter problems on ours, please let D1 know via DM or local post @[email protected].

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