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MUFON 133930

Here is an enhanced copy of MUFON #133930, with crude tracking, illustrating a number of smaller "blinking" lights beyond the two large objects noticed by the observer. This video was posted by /u/emveetu to /r/UFOs. It has been suggested that these large lights are flares.

This analysis was conducted in DaVinci Resolve. For the sake of duplication, verification, and provenance, the project file and source materials are available here.

The transforms conducted were to invert the blue channel, perform a localized sharpening on the sky, apply a drastic luma curve (pictured below), increase sharpness and midtone detail, and finally an increase of lift and gamma slightly. Arrows appear two frames before the lights and end two frames after except in scenarios where the object is clearly transiting. This analysis was performed on the 24fps, 720p, 2mbps Dropbox video from MUFON (note there are other versions floating around that are in 30fps).

Things to Note

Most of the newly revealed small flashes are a single frame on with a few two frames long. It should be noticed, while observing flashes, the tower's flash is also only one frame long (possibly causing lens reflections), however the timing of the tower strobe (on off sequence) in the towers is different and much slower than the observed small strobing objects.

There is parallax visible for the small flashes and that parallax exactly matches the other large lights (see 00:05;20-00:05;21 or visualization below with strobe and two main lights). It's unlikely these are close by, fireflies, reflections, or other physically close natural phenomena. The intermittent flashing further demonstrates they are not internal lens reflections of the consistent bright objects.


It is my professional opinion that this video is not altered, cgi, or otherwise digital trickery. These are legitimate objects, possibly flares as mentioned. It is possible the flashing lights are strobes on an aircraft. On the flare video that bears similarity, there are commenters claiming a similar blinking strobe is chaff firing, though I find that unlikely due to the duration of the phenomenon. It is curious that these strobes are distinct from anti-collision lights normally found on aircraft operating under civil air conditions (including military training). Research needs to be performed on how often those expected safety features are entirely absent.

Original MUFON Report

Case 133930
Date of submission: 2023-09-10
Date/time of event: 2019-05-02 7:43PM

Location of event: KR (believe this is South Korea - OP)

Short Description: I witnessed two unusual elliptical objects resembling UFOs, which exhibited unique flight patterns and disappeared without sound.

Long Description: Hi, I'm Garam Kim, a writer over at SBS(Seoul Broadcasting System) Broadcasting Company in South Korea.

We've received a report of a UFO sighting at our broadcasting station, and we've made various attempts to confirm whether this object is indeed a UFO. However, we were unable to determine its nature.

Consequently, we have reached out here for assistance.

The sighting summary and details are as follows:

[Sighting Summary]

I witnessed two unusual elliptical objects resembling UFOs, which exhibited unique flight patterns and disappeared without sound.

[Sighting Detail]

The following eyewitness details are the information reported to the Korean broadcasting company, SBS.

At first, I witnessed a UFO inside my house. There were two brightly shining elliptical objects. I have seen airplanes passing by frequently, but this didn't look like the usual airplanes. I thought it was nothing special, but 15 minutes later, I went out into the yard, and a neighbor lady shouted, "What is that?" When I looked up at the sky, there were still two objects floating in the sky. Suddenly, the lights disappeared, and then they reappeared next to another glowing object. They continued to blink and move before disappearing. There was no sound, and there have been no military exercises with flares or anything of the sort in the vicinity.

We even launched fireworks into the sky, but the flying pattern and the way the lights blinked were completely different from those objects. We also tried flying drones, but it was impossible for drones to move and disappear that quickly. Moreover, it's not allowed to fly drones in this area during the evening hours. We attempted various methods to replicate a similar shape and behavior, but we couldn't recreate the flying pattern and glowing objects seen in the footage. We also consulted with video analysis experts, but there were no signs of manipulation or editing, and they found it difficult to determine the identity of these objects. Therefore, I decided to seek assistance here.
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