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As a Ham Radio operator, communication is at the heart of the hobby, and making contacts with other stations is a key aspect of the experience. To initiate a contact, you first need to know the call sign of the station you wish to call. Once you have the call sign, simply transmit it followed by your own call sign for identification purposes.

For instance, you could say, "KCXXXX, this is KD2ZOT."

Identification of the transmitting station is mandatory in all on-air transmissions, whether it is for test purposes or actual communication.

The use of the phonetic alphabet is recommended for clarity during call sign identification, and it can also be useful for transmitting any unusual words that may be prone to misinterpretation. The phonetic alphabet serves as a standard for accurately conveying these words over the airwaves.

Additionally, it is important to maintain a moderate speaking volume during transmissions. Speaking too loudly can cause voice peaks to break up, potentially compromising the clarity of your message.

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