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There may be instances where you don't have a specific station in mind to contact, or you simply desire to connect with someone new. In these scenarios, calling "CQ" is the solution. "CQ" is a standard way of calling any station, colloquially meaning "I Seek You," and invites any station to start a conversation.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to correctly call CQ:

Before calling CQ, tune your transceiver to the frequency you wish to operate on. It is important to follow these steps before calling:

Once you have confirmed the frequency is clear, transmit "CQ, CQ, this is KD1XXX" and wait ~30 seconds before trying again. With luck, someone will respond and you can start a conversation!

To respond to a station calling CQ, the process is similar to making a call to a specific station. Simply transmit the other station's call sign followed by your own call sign. This establishes your identity and signals your willingness to engage in a QSO (contact).

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